ISUZU Motors South Africa proudly announced on the 8th of May 2024 its new partnership with Agri Eastern Cape, solidifying its dedication to supporting the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector in the Eastern Cape.

“Our partnership with Agri Eastern Cape aligns with our values, collaboration, and community support. This partnership underscores our commitment to the agricultural community and reflects our belief in the importance of sustainable growth within the sector, “says Celestin Ndhlovu, Vice President of Planning, Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Agri Eastern Cape is a membership-based organisation and strategically aligns with external stakeholders who have the resources to empower their operations.

Jason Kümm, Operations Manager, Agri Eastern Cape says, “It is extremely important for Agri Eastern Cape to partner with brands with not only a strong local presence but who also understand the importance of the Agricultural Sector and have a vested interest in the success of the Commercial Farmers of the Eastern Cape.”

The work done by the working team at Agri EC includes a lot of travel, far and wide and at times to some extremely remote areas. A partnership such as this one is not only an enabler from a vehicle perspective but also from an empowerment perspective.

“While our core business is the well-being of the commercial farmers, there is a large sector of our work that focuses on rural communities at large which assists all community members in Rural South Africa. Isuzu South Africa, through the sponsorship of this vehicle, have made a massive contribution to supporting these functions which includes, but is not limited to: Safety in rural areas, Trade and Economics, and Environmental affairs.” -adds Jason Kümm, Operations Manager, Agri Eastern Cape.

ISUZU Motors South Africa is dedicated to producing reliable products tailored to meet the specific needs of the agricultural sector. “With a steadfast commitment to quality and reliability, ISUZU continually strives to deliver vehicles and solutions that farmers and agricultural businesses can depend on. Whether it’s robust utility vehicles for field work, durable trucks for transporting goods, or efficient machinery for various agricultural operations, ISUZU’s lineup is designed to withstand the rigour of farm life while maximising productivity and efficiency,” Ndhlovu adds.


Caption: Celestin Ndhlovu, ISUZU Vice President, Product & Corporate Planning, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Jason Kümm, Operations Manager, Agri Eastern Cape