National Automotive Kaizen Conference and Awards – March 2020

National Automotive Kaizen Conference and Awards – March 2020

The AIDC would like to invite you to attend the National Automotive Kaizen Conference and Awards in Gauteng (Venue to be confirmed) on 19 March 2020 at 8:00AM.

Download below the documents with more details about the conference and competition as well as  the entry form should you be interested to participate in the competition.

What does Kaizen mean?

Kaizen is Japanese word for “improvement” or “change for the better”. It is a philosophy or set of practices that focus on continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering services, supporting business processes and management. The kaizen concept stimulates productivity improvement as an ongoing process in companies. The kaizen competition is organised to recognise and encourage automotive manufacturing suppliers which give importance to continuous improvements through kaizens.

History of Kaizen Seminar now National Automotive Kaizen Conference and Awards March 2020

The AIDC Eastern Cape hosted the first ever Kaizen Seminar in conjunction with AIDC Gauteng in March 2015. It was agreed that the seminar will alternate between the two provinces and the focus will be on increasing the number of kaizen participants and attendees. The National Automotive Kaizen Conference and Awards is the 1st to be organised by AIDC and will encourage the automotive 1st, 2nd & 3rd tier suppliers as well as SMMEs and Black Industrialists to participate.

What does the AIDC want to achieve from this?

The competition is conducted for operators, supervisors and first level managers of companies that is currently implementing kaizen initiatives or have made improvements in the previous 4 years (2015-2019). The competition will recognise and award the companies who have adopted kaizens not only at the shopfloor but, also other areas of the business such as office area, scrap yard, stores etc. The aim is to improve “SPQCDM&E” (Safety, Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale & Environment).

  1. Create more awareness of kaizen
  2. Recognise companies that pursue kaizen by encouraging participation through competition
  3. Share knowledge and learning and improve continuous improvement culture within the automotive manufacturing suppliers

Kaizen Categories

There will be 2 levels of kaizens to be presented, with a winner in each category

Category 1: Shopfloor kaizen (Supervisor Level and downwards)

Category 2: Engineer/Manager kaizen (Engineer level and upwards)


Kindly send all responses to:

Should you require further assistance please contact: (Beauty Mbatyoti)


Exporters look back at a year of ‘taking Eastern Cape to the world’

Exporters look back at a year of ‘taking Eastern Cape to the world’

The value of winning an Exporters Eastern Cape Exporter of the Year Award had a wide range of meanings to the diverse group of top exporters in the Eastern Cape in 2019. However, one thing was certain – they would recommend participation in the awards to all exporters.

From building morale through tough times due to the widespread drought, to being recognised by peers and staff, some of the category winners shared the impact of winning the awards had on their companies at the Annual Social, hosted at Broughton Country Estate, on Thursday, 7 November 2019.

Exporters Eastern Cape Chairman Quintin Levey thanked SJM Flex SA as the sponsor of the Annual Social Event. “Thank you to all our members for participating in our events and in our mentorship programme, as well as the Exporter of the Year Awards in 2019. I know the winners will agree with me that the impact of the awards is invaluable,” said Levey.

The winner in the category Best Exporter: Small Business in 2019, was S4 Integration and according to S4 Integration New Business Development Manager Ettienne Gerwel winning the award had an amazing impact on the business.

“Congratulations to all of the other winners and I would encourage exporters to enter again next year. We have one goal and that is to take the Eastern Cape to the world, and therefore we are all winners as members of Exporters Eastern Cape,” said Gerwel.

The winner of the SJM Flex Environmental Practice Award and Merit Award Winner in the category Best Exporter: Small Business was La Mohair. La Mohair Owner Larissa Primmer said the award meant a lot to her company during a challenging year because of the effect of the drought on the production of mohair. The company, which employs 10 permanent workers, exports 95% of its mohair products.

“Thank you to the Exporters Eastern Cape for acknowledging us with the award, the informative sessions as well as the networking opportunities,” said Primmer.

The Winner of the SJM Flex Environmental Award, the IDC Job Creation Award and Merit Award Winner in the Best Exporter: OEM category was Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

Ford Struandale Engine Plant Material, Planning and Logistics Manager Paul Brooks said Ford was extremely happy with the award – which gave recognition to a great year of hard work, dedication and commitment.

“Going forward all I can say is watch this space. We plan to build 250 000 vehicles in the next two years. The Eastern Cape is a major hub of the automotive sector and we will continue with our outreach programmes in the region. We want to thank Exporters Eastern Cape for the opportunity given to us with this award,” said Brooks.

Winner of the Best Provider of Services to Exporters was Sasfin Commercial Solutions (Global Trade).

Sasfin Commercial Solutions (Global Trade) National Manager Brenden Adriaanzen said the excitement of winning the award was amazing – especially the Monday morning following the awards ceremony back at the office, when all 52 staff members celebrated the award.

“It was such a proud feeling, since the award belongs to everyone. We received letters of congratulations from all over and the award was also wonderful free advertising and marketing,” said Adriaanzen.

Vehicle exports on track to achieve new record in 2019

Vehicle exports on track to achieve new record in 2019

NAAMSA welcomed the uptick in new vehicle sales during October 2019 and confirmed that aggregate domestic new vehicle sales, at 51 978 units, reflected a marginal increase of 122 units or 0,2% from the 51 856 vehicles sold in October last year. Monthly export sales had registered a further solid performance in line with industry expectations.

The October 2019 export sales number at 41 277 vehicles reflected a strong increase of 7 152 units, or 21,0%, compared to the 34 125 vehicles exported in the same month last year. For the first ten months of the year, vehicle exports, at 338 955 units, are now at their third highest level on record with still two months to go for the year and well on track to achieve another record in 2019.

Download the full NAAMSA press release below as well as the October 2019 Industry New Vehicle Sales.