BluTech, a company within the Acoustex Group, supplies technical laminated fabrics for medical and domestic use for both export and local markets.

The lamination technology was developed by the CSIR in Port Elizabeth and commercialized by BreatheTex (Pty) Ltd in 1999.   

Being one of only 4 companies worldwide with this technology, BluTech supplies 2 and 3 ply technical laminated fabric to the medical industry in Europe for medical gowns and drapes.  This superior, high-tech, ultra-performance fabric is super-absorbent, chemical-resistant and impermeable to fluids, providing a barrier against viruses and bacteria. 

The membrane enables the laminated fabric to be waterproof from the outside while at the same time allowing perspiration to pass through from the inside. It ensures that surgeons are protected in that sweat can escape the fabric, but blood can’t enter.

Features include:

  • Total barrier to blood and body fluids
  • Sterility
  • Excellent durability (through laundering process where applicable)
  • High breathability and comfort
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly

BluTech supplied close to 60 000 metres of medical laminates to Italy during their Covid-19 breakout through our customer Copratex, and locally to both the Life and Netcare Group through local manufacturer, Priontex who is based in Cape Town.

This Level 2 BBBBEE company is based at the Acoustex plant in Neave Industrial in Port Elizabeth and has plans to extend our exports further into Europe and Asia through new product development.