Workshop Objectives: The workshop is in three parts

  • Part 1: A one hour introduction to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)
  • Part 2: One hour of practical advice: “Dos and Don’ts” for staff for POPIA compliance.  Practical steps to reduce the chance of breaking the POPIA law
  • Part 3: Management 25-point checklist for POPI Act compliance. This will help you to build your own POPI Act compliance plan

What will you get from the Workshop?

  • Improved knowledge of POPIA/PAIA
  • Practical skills to improve compliance by you and your team
  • Comprehensive POPIA checklist to manage your own POPIA compliance project
  • Comprehensive guide to POPIA
  • Workshop slides


  • Dr Peter Tobin (Certified Information Privacy Manager)
  • Mr Jeremy Barton (an IT industry veteran)


DATE:       Friday, 14 May 2021
TIME:        09:00 – 12:00
VENUE:    Online Platform (link to be shared upon registering)

Register for the event by clicking on the button below and scrolling to find the event by 12 May 2021. You will receive your zoom link after registering.