After much anticipation, the Draft Info Docs referred to in the APDP Phase 2 regulations have been released.

The objective of the programme is to support the vision of the South African Automotive Masterplan of creating a “globally competitive and transformed automotive industry that actively contributes to the sustainable development of South Africa’s productive economy, creating prosperity for industry stakeholders and broader society”.

This vision will guide the development of the South African automotive industry to 2035, with all the policy elements of Phase 2 of the APDP targeting its realization.

Notable additions to the Draft Info Docs include the following:

  • B-BBEE will be a major factor from January 2022 where component manufacturers are expected to achieve a Level 6 and ultimately a Level 4 from January 2023. A certificate must be submitted annually before 31 December each year but the Info Docs also state it must be submitted with every claim
  • Independent Importers buying and using PRC’s are also required to comply with above stated B-BBEE requirements
  • Manufacturers represented by a consultant must provide ITAC with a letter of appointment valid for a certain period signed by an authorized company representative.

Read the full update by Sasfin Commercial Solutions (Global Trade):