Discussing the new vehicle sales statistics for the month of December 2020 naamsa said that the new vehicle market continued to edge higher, albeit at a slower pace, during December 2020, with aggregate industry new vehicle sales at 37 493 units recording a decline of 4 190 vehicles or a fall of 10,1% compared to the total new vehicle sales of 41 683 units during the corresponding month of December, 2019.

Export sales ended the year on a positive note recording a welcomed increase in December, 2020 and at 18 479 units reflected a gain of 4 919 vehicles or an increase of 36,3% compared to the 13 560 vehicles exported during December, 2019.

Following the year-on-year decline in new vehicle sales of 2,8%, in volume terms, in 2019, the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a massive decline in new vehicle sales of 156 163 units, or 29,1%, from 536 612 units in 2019 to the 380 449 units in 2020.

Vehicle sales are linked to the strength of the economy and the pandemic not only deepened an existing economic recession, but its severe impact resulted in that the domestic new vehicle market in 2020 dropped back to the levels of two decades ago.

2020 Vehicle exports had also registered a massive fall of 29,8%. COVID-19 has impacted economic activity in every region of the world and South African vehicle exports had subsequently been affected by the fall in global vehicle demand because of the impact of the pandemic.

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that can best assist in growing South Africa’s economy and, therefore, the manufacturing sector’s growth must be accelerated. The automotive sector has proved to be a reliable partner and dependable ally for government to position manufacturing as a catalyst to development and inclusive growth in the country.

Download the full NAAMSA media release below as well as the December 2020 Industry New Vehicle Sales.