Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) wishes to congratulate the Port of PE’s Senior Operations Manager, Captain Faisal Sultan (Master Mariner) on his appointment as Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster (NMBMC). He will lead the new leadership team of seven members, providing strategic direction to achieve the cluster’s vision.

Volunteering their time and expertise, they will focus on the implementation of the cluster’s strategic goals and objectives. Its vision is to be a pioneering maritime cluster model for Africa, involving the participation of the ocean sciences, the ocean business community, government and its agencies, and civil society in responsible ocean governance.

The team consists of the following cluster members – Capt. Faisal Sultan (Chairperson, representing TNPA), Derek Zimmerman (Deputy Chairperson, representing Rand International Capital), Jeremy Dobbin (Secretary, representing the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber), Mohammed Riedau De Maine (Eastern & Southern Cape Pelagic Association), Lusanda Fibi (Iya Group), John Lawlor (East Cape Business Development Advisory Board) and Tasneem De Maine (Solutions 2 Go (Pty) Ltd).


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