Leadership Skills to navigate economic turbulence and disruption
6 & 7 October 2020


The global proliferation of COVID- 19 shifted the focus almost entirely on the public health and the economic impact of the pandemic. Yet, its impact on work, society and education is no less profound. Lockdown measures aimed at ‘flattening the curve” have widespread effects. The slowdown in the world’s rhythm is almost unthinkable and a world in quarantine is almost apocalyptic. The pandemic is an unprecedented crisis leaving the world with many unknown unknowns.

Labour markets are facing a drubbing as employment levels are in sharp decline. Due to the uncertainty and fast-moving events, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates a total of 195 million job losses due to the global meltdown in the coming months. This includes the fulltime job equivalent consisting of technical unemployment, partial unemployment and job retention schemes.

The post-COVID-19 world is thus likely to be a world of multiple scenarios.  The pandemic has catapulted our world into a plethora of digital solutions resulting in a rapid embrace of 4IR if you like, from remote working to virtual meetings and virtual events.  The world as we know it has changed profoundly and the human condition is tested with social distancing, an unthinkable necessity.  The lockdown in many countries has led to a cessation of non- essential services grinding the Global Economic activity to a halt leaving the inevitable recessionary threat.

We are thus facing a great reset in economy and society and leaders must be at the coalface of this transition to new ways of working, business and living.

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