The 2020 Automotive Export Manual publication just released by Dr. Norman Lamprecht, Executive Manager of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) and the Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC) highlights that the export value of vehicles and automotive components comprised a record R201,7 billion, equating to 15,5% of South Africa’s total exports in 2019. A record 387 125 vehicles worth a record R148,0 billion, along with a record R53,7 billion in automotive components, were exported to 151 countries in 2019. From 2018 to 2019, the total export values more than doubled in the case of 19 countries.

South Africa’s global vehicle production ranking remained at 22nd in 2019, although its market share improved from 0,64% to 0,69% due to the record 631 983 vehicles produced in 2019, supported by the industry’s record vehicle export performance. South Africa remained the dominant market on the African continent and accounted for 57,2% of total African vehicle production of 1,12 million vehicles.

South Africa is highly exposed to economic conditions in China and the world economy in general, and the Covid-19 pandemic will stifle export-oriented industries and manufacturing in the foreseeable future. South African exporting companies will be required to consider various scenarios for the world economy and global trade patterns in the short to medium term according to Dr. Lamprecht.

The automotive industry across the world is currently experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the global lockdowns implemented across all major automotive manufacturing countries to flatten the Covid-19 curve, and South Africa is no exception to this. However, since the grand vision of the automotive industry involves electric vehicles, connected cars and autonomous driving, the latter two could just be accelerated as a result.

Download below the full media release from NAAMSA highlighting the 2019 key statistics as well as the 2020 Automotive Export Manual.