NAAMSA welcomed the uptick in new vehicle sales during October 2019 and confirmed that aggregate domestic new vehicle sales, at 51 978 units, reflected a marginal increase of 122 units or 0,2% from the 51 856 vehicles sold in October last year. Monthly export sales had registered a further solid performance in line with industry expectations.

The October 2019 export sales number at 41 277 vehicles reflected a strong increase of 7 152 units, or 21,0%, compared to the 34 125 vehicles exported in the same month last year. For the first ten months of the year, vehicle exports, at 338 955 units, are now at their third highest level on record with still two months to go for the year and well on track to achieve another record in 2019.

Download the full NAAMSA press release below as well as the October 2019 Industry New Vehicle Sales.