Reflecting on the new vehicle sales statistics for the month of September 2019, NAAMSA confirmed that aggregate domestic new vehicle sales, at 49 191 units, reflected a decline of 439 units or 0,9 % from the 49 630 vehicles sold in September last year. Monthly export sales had registered a modest decline compared to the high base level of the corresponding month last year but the upward momentum remains strong.

The September 2019 export sales number at 35 657 vehicles reflected a decline of 1 097 units, or 3,0%, compared to the high base of 36 754 vehicles exported in the same month last year. For the first nine months of the year, vehicle exports, at 297 065 units, are now 47 050 vehicles or 18,8% higher than the corresponding period last year and well on track to achieve another record in 2019.

Although vehicle exports declined during the month compared to the corresponding month of last year, exports remain the main driver of vehicle production activity in the domestic market. The vehicle export momentum remains upward with the industry on track to achieve a new record in 2019.

Download the full NAAMSA press release below as well as the September 2019 Industry New Vehicle Sales.