29 May 2019 – Boardwalk Conference Centre, Beach Rd, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth


The Nelson Mandela Bay Leadership Summit 2019 features respected South African leadership figures and captains of industry. The panel of guest speakers will explore the dynamic strands of leadership required for the future of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Speakers will explore, discuss and critically evaluate forward-thinking, responsible and visionary leadership that will create prosperity for the city and her communities.

Through the ideas, lessons, case studies and beliefs of leadership which the guest speakers have accrued through their journeys, they hope to arrive closer to reaching the goals which the conveners of Nelson Mandela Bay Leadership Summit have set to achieve:

  1. Celebrating, raising awareness and promoting the critical importance of leadership as the catalytic driver of growth and economic development in Nelson Mandela Bay.
  2. Nurturing, developing and empowering existing and upcoming leaders of Nelson Mandela Bay.
  3. Providing a platform of leadership knowledge exchange, dialogue and debate between Nelson Mandela Bay executives and respected South African leaders.
  4. Creating an atlas of leadership issues, challenges and opportunities of Nelson Mandela Bay to arrive at shared vision of leadership for the city.
  5. Inducing critical reflections on leadership to enthuse mechanisms of positive change required for the creation of a sustainable future.

Visit their website for more information on the Leadership Summit.